AP Social Media Franchises

It is your opportunity to start a business with support, continuous training and consolidated support

          AP Social Media is the 1st company to franchise this business model. OUR SUCCESS: We have a franchise permanence rate of 94.6%. With two clients your business will already be profitable. Can we explain how?

Be franchised

A unique business model in which to grow professionally with a consolidated team, support and training

We accompany you from the beginning of your activity to make your company a success and achieve all your goals. We teach you; we train you; we accompany you and we guide you. We are part of the Spanish Association of Franchisers, which gives us an extra guarantee of quality.

What we offer?

Right to use the AP Social Media brand

Assistance for the implementation of commercial activities

Initial training, mentoring and continuing education


Operational manuals that you will have at your disposal on our website


Commercial assistance, management and tax advice for the entire duration of the contract


Continuous training through videos and documents that improve the technical capabilities of the associate.


What do you give us?

Your special sensitivity to capture the needs and desires of the consumer

Your ability to make the right decisions at the necessary time

Illusion to create your own business, to grow and know all kinds of segments