We're your Social Media department.

We create social media strategies tailored to your business and work to achieve your ultimate goals. We have a 90% customer retention rate

That's how we work

We spend time learning as much as possible about your business, products and services, competitors, your target market and your business goals. We use this information to develop a content and social media strategy tailored to your business.

What is a Community Manager?

A community manager is not only technical, but also has the ability to have enough emotional intelligence and empathy to put you in the place of the person who is looking for you to know exactly what words are going to create connection. And in that, we are specialists. We work 70 – 30, 70% mind, 30% technical..


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Social Network Management

We assign you a community manager who works with you to achieve your goals with creative and advanced strategies that build your brand, increase your visibility and grow your sales. We analyze your space and determine the best approach, the tone to be used, the content and we find your target audience.

Start UP

Start UP Self-management training: 

We train your department or yourself and audit your social networks by giving you a 100% personalized manual for you to manage your social networks.



We will audit your digital presence to detect the behavior of your followers after the publications on social networks, as well as the treatment given by the platform itself


We will update and complete the information and image of your page based on your keywords and positioning.


Personalized study and 100% adapted to your business with the strategy and recommendations appropriate to the objectives set.


Training of approximately 90 minutes in which we will help you understand the impact that social media has on your business and we will help you with strategies designed to improve the results of your social networks.

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Consulting for companies

We help you promptly to different questions that may arise regarding your business on social networks. We treat each case separately and in a personalized way. No matter what sector you are in, we can help you!

Advice and strategy

If you sell your products through social networks and want to create your own personal brand on them, this service will help you achieve this. We assign a community administrator for you who will advise you and create a strategy focused on your business.

Weekly strategy

Publication hours to create a greater impact

Weekly content meetings focused on your target audience

Content publication guidelines

Additional services

At AP Social Media M. we have other additional services that will help you give more visibility to your online business.

Profile to page migrations

Promotions on social networks to increase the reach of your pages and publications.

The creation and tuning of your pages on social networks help your business

Audit of your social networks 

Blog, mail marketing... Ask us the rest!

We are emphatic, creative and with a special sensibility to put ourselves in the place of your consumer.

That is why we know how to connect with the person who is looking for you.